Holiday Flying Like An Angel

Want to master holiday travel this season bright eyed and fresh faced like Kendall, Gigi, and Romee? Here are just two of the secret weapons you can have handy to keep your skin looking flawless whether you need to upstage your sister-in-law at your folks’ or are spending the holidays jet setting to the most exotic locale.

No Red Eye Here

The sure tell-tale sign of a weary traveler is dark under-eye circles, especially after a red-eye or transatlantic flight. While Air Angel likely made sure that their precious cargo was very well tended to, we can’t live without LeBaron’ s Eye On the Fly in our carry-all. A quick treatment of its negative ion technology at the end of the flight wipes away signs of the House of Cards marathon we just watched instead of getting some much needed rest. It’s the perfect airplane friendly size (approx. the size of a lipstick!), and features an opening at the bottom to load your favorite eye cream, allowing the perfect amount to come up through the roller ball onto your skin. It even comes with a refillable applicator tube so you can ditch your heavy full sized eye creams/serums at home.



Keep Hydrated – Inside and Out

It’s no big secret that high altitudes and cabin air makes for very, very dehydrating conditions, so make sure to keep hydrated both inside and out. This means ditching alcohol and soda for water (lots of it) throughout the entire flight. Staying hydrated is equally important for the skin, which dries up after just a short time in the air (even for supermodels). The supermodel trick is to keep the skin moist and hydrated as well, by using a handheld mister, such as LeBaron’ s Le Glow No. 32, a slim and chic rose gold tool which we fill up with our favorite rose water, and is broken up into a micro fine mist of nanoparticles that penetrate far deeper than manual application. The result is a dewy appearance that defies the stale cabin air.



 Use Your Time Wisely

Sure, traveling would be splendid if we could land and go straight to our favorite spa for a luxurious skin treatment. But even Martha and Jasmine were almost immediately whisked off to photo calls after touching down in Paris. Whether you’re traveling to see family a few states over or meeting your ultra-glam entourage in St. Barth’s, there is rarely any time for pampering. Why not use the idle hours in your seat to do a skin treatment using the LeBaron Petit Baron No. 52 – it’s the mini, jetsetter approved version of LeBaron’ s powerful LED therapy tool. Featuring 3 of the most popular LED therapies (red, green, and blue), you can soothe skin irritations aggravated by travel, or make use of your time in the sky to pump up collagen production or treat dark spots. With a 3x magnifying mirror on the flip side you can do it in the comfort of your seat without having to wait your turn for the cramped airplane restroom (or even in the back of your Uber ride to the airport!)