"As the "face" of our company's investments division, I need to make sure to keep my skin on its A-game at all times. I used to rely on costly LED therapy spa facials because of all the stresses my skin faces living in NYC, but ever since I tried the LeBaron tools I am able to do them at home on my time. I love that they came out with the Petit Baron, which helps me keep up my skincare regime when I travel back home to L.A.!"

Lori A. McNeill, Investment Management
New York City, NY

 "I cannot live without my Eye on the Fly No. 26! I'm constantly flying to cover stories and often times end up in front of the camera, so having bags under my eyes is not an option! Having recently moved to Italy, it's far more important for women here to have terrific, natural skin instead of caking on cover up, so I love having my secret weapon."

Noreen Moustafa, Documentary Filmmaker and News Producer
Florence, Italy

"The LeGlow was a life-saver on-set during 16 hour days when our actors needed to look just like they did when they left the makeup chair. I loved it so much I got one to keep in my bag for all the red carpet and marathon of press junkets we were doing to make sure my makeup looked fresh...never going to one without it!"

Suzanne Farwell, Producer
Los Angeles, CA 


"I love that my clients have a way to keep up the work we do here in the spa on the their skin at home and during their travels with the LeBaron No. 55 and the Petit Baron. Nothing is worse than 6 months of hard work tossed away after a few weeks away on holiday or on location!"

Shannique Austin, Owner of Glam Spa
Westlake Village, CA

"Being a full-time professional and MBA student does not give me any time to go for skin treatments, as the hours can be brutal sometimes. I keep my Retoucher No. 88 handy to give some TLC to the small areas that get affected by my demanding schedule. I can see the difference just a few minutes a day have made!"

Reesa Guzman, Pepperdine MBA candidate and Consultant
Los Angeles, CA 

 "I'm a full-time mom of twin toddlers so I truly look forward to my "me" time at home. With two little ones going for spa facials on a regular basis is simply not an option, so I was thrilled when my facialist introduced me to the LeBaron products. Not only has the LED device totally transformed the texture of my skin, but the Eye on the Fly is a must for keeping me looking bright eyed even on the most sleep deprived days. I even stopped wearing the heavy eye concealer on which I depended to get me through the day. The other moms who see me always comment on how "well rested" I look!"

Danette Pendon, Mother of Toddler Twins
Bel Air, CA